Jesus, My Apologetic

04/29/2018  Matthew 7:28-29  By: Nathan Hannum


4-29-2018 sermon

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Why Love Others?

04-22-2018  Matthew 5:43-48  By: David Parks



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Why Love God

04-15-2018  I John 4:16-19  By: David Parks



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Loving God, Loving Others, Serving Others

04-08-2018  Matthew 22:34-40  By: David Parks


4-8-2018 sermon



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He Has Risen

04-01-2018  Mark 16:1-6  By: David Parks


4-1-2018 Sermon

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The Heart of a Survivor-Encouragement

3-25-2018  Acts 2:44-45  By: David Parks


sermon 3-25-2018

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Building a Christian Worldview

03-18-2018  Romans 8:18-39  By: Peter Rasor


Sermon 03-18-2018

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