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9/23/18 Marriage/Divorce class

09-23-2018  Marriage/Divorce  by: David Parks   Marriage class 3 9-23-2018

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Building to Last

09-23-2018  Genesis 2:20-25  By: David Parks   9-23-2018 sermon

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Bible Class: Marriage and Divorce

09-16-2018  By: David Parks   Marriage class 2 9-16-2018

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The King and His Court: Peter

09-16-2018  Mark 14:66-72  By: David Parks   9-16-2018 sermon

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The King and His Court: The Pharisees

09-09-2018  Matthew 23:1-4   By:  David Parks   9 Sept 2018 sermon

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Leper No. 10

09-02-2018  Luke 17:11-19  By David Parks   Sermon 09-2-18  

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Don’t Follow The Crowd

08-26-2018  John 6:66-71  By: Peter Rasor   Sermon-08-26-18

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