The Crux of the Bible

08-21-2016  I Corinthians 1:10-18  By: David Parks



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Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

07-31-2016  Joshua 24:15  By: Devin LaBay

As Joshua closes out his chapter of leadership of the people of Israel, he encourages them to make the most important choice of their lives:  Who will you choose to serve as your god?  Joshua didn’t command them to serve the Lord but to make a choice as to who they would serve  It’s a call to authenticity, a call to take off the mask, to tear down the facade and commit to a life of exclusive, dedicated service to something bigger than yourself.  Joshua laid out his choices and then declared what his choice was:  “Choose this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.



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21st Century Worship by the Book

07-24-2016  John 4:12-24  By David Parks





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The Defeat of Sin

07-17-2016  Joshua 7:1-26  By Devin LaBay

Just when things seem to be going your way, BAM! you find yourself flat on your back!  This was the case with Joshua and the Israelites following the battle of Jericho.  Following that battle, God had one simple command:  Don’t take what isn’t yours. Everyone understood that, except Achan, and it cost him and his family.  Things may look great on the outside, but hidden and unconfessed sin can destroy you from the inside out.This is the lesson of Achan.



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When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

07-10-2016  Joshua 6:1-25  By Devin LaBay

The walls had to come down, in order to move forward and to claim what God had given them, the walls of Jericho had to come down.  There are walls in our life that have to come down as well, walls of insecurity, walls of anger, walls of forgiveness and others.  The story of Jericho is relevant today because just as Jericho’s walls stood between the people of Israel and the life God had promised them, the walls of our Jericho stand between us and the life Jesus died at the cross to give us.  And at the end of the day, the same fact holds true:  Victory can only be achieved with the help of the Lord.



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Getting Battle Ready

o7-03-2016  Joshua 5:1-15   By Devin LaBay

Life has many battles,military battles, legal battles,moral battles, theological battles, physical battles, interpersonal battles and spiritual battles.  In all honesty, many people around us today are weary from the battles of life.  In fact, most feel like life is made up of one battle after another and the beginning of a new work week is just another call to battle. At first glance, Joshua 5 may come across as having very little relevance to our daily life, but a closer look reminds us of the timeless application of the Scriptures to our lives as we prepare spiritually to be battle ready.



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Stepping Stones Toward Powerful Living

06-26-2016  Joshua 3:1-4:14  By Devin LaBay

It’s a moment of faithful decision, Joshua 3 shows us that the people of Israel are at the edge of the Jordan River and ready to cross over and claim God’s promise for them, but is Joshua ready?  Will God be with him as He was with Moses?  In order to find out, both he, the priests of Israel and the Israelite people have to take a huge step of faith.



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